How It Works

UpShrink is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid!

Create An Account

In order to get started with UpShrink, at first, all you need is an UpShrink Account & you can create it by sign-up option.

Shorten Your Link's

You have some links, people might be interested in going to, like some downloadable content, etc. Shorten that links with UpShrink, you can use the Link Shorten option given in Dashboard.

Share Links

Now, you're ready with your shortened links, just copy them and start sharing on any platform you have community e.g: YouTube, Telegram, Website, etc. Someone will click on that link, see ads and go to the last page. and click "final link".

Earn Money

They will reach your actual shared link (that means that downloadable content). Here you go, since you've shared your Shorten links and got views on it. So that you're getting paid for every view you get.